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4K Mastering for Film and Broadcast.

Color is not just a detail, it is at the heart of our industry.

I tailor each of my grades to your desires, bringing your footage into the limelight.

My clients include: The New York Times, Condé Nast, Time Inc., Vice Media, National Geographic, TLC, Discovery Channel, Moby, Dior and more.

Check my IMDB profile here.

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Moby - 'The Perfect Life' ft. Wayne Coyne (Official Video)

Moby - 'The Perfect Life' ft. Wayne Coyne (Official Video)

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Moby - 'The Perfect Life' ft. Wayne Coyne (Official Video)

Michael Kors: Crossbody

Fears, Family, Future

Boy Meets Girl Trailer

NEW LAUNCH: Neon Lights Collection (Summer Nail Arcade Level 1)

Uoma Beauty Promotional Video: Royal Hier-itage

The Edge of Space

How to use Proactiv+®

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How Do You Rewrite the ABCs? The Secrets of Songwriting on ‘Sesame Street’
“Sesame Street” has been teaching the ABCs for 50 years with music. Elmo, Usher and the writing team tell us how they create some of the best-known songs in educational media.

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Virtually anyone can buy a kit online to build a gun from parts — without a background check. That raises questions about the future of gun regulation.

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The N.F.L. rolled out a grand experiment to play a not-at-all socially distanced sport in a pandemic. The Times went behind the scenes with the Seattle Seahawks and the Cleveland Browns to understand how the science and the upheaval played out.

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When a Search Crosses the Line

These women were either arrested for speaking out or had gone to the authorities to report a crime.

In each case, they said, they were sexually abused by the officials sworn to protect them.

Whether they are victims of crimes, witnesses or the accused, women who encounter Egypt’s criminal justice system risk being taken aside and stripped, groped, prodded and violated.

This treatment is illegal, but in this authoritarian and patriarchal country, there is almost nothing they can do about it.

By Mona El-NaggarYousur Al-Hlou and Aliza Aufrichtig July 5, 2021

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The race to become New York City’s next mayor is one of the most consequential political contests in a generation, with the recovery of the nation's largest city at stake. It is also a contest like few before, with a crowded field running mostly virtual campaigns.

Here’s more information about the leading candidates for mayor, and information on how to vote in the primary. 

By Emma G. FitzsimmonsKatie GlueckJeffery C. MaysDana Rubinstein, Umi Syam and Eden WeingartUpdated June 9, 12:04 P.M. ET

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Produced by Condé Nast Traveler for South African Tourism | If wildlife safari, beautiful vistas, incredible food and wine, vibrant culture, and bustling city attractions are your idea of a perfect vacation, then South Africa is the destination for you. There's no better time to #MeetSouthAfrica.

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