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4K Davinci Resolve Mastering

Color correction has been at the center of my professional drive since my early beginning working with Apple Color, then Avid Symphony and now on Davinci.

For the past 10 years I honed my craft with precision and speed and I can deliver impeccable color results at lighting speed. My color work has been featured on TV, film and advertisement.

IMDB credits

Avid & Adobe

My dynamic approach to editing has allowed me to craft engaging stories across a  multitude of formats, from recreation dramas to film and advertisement.

IMDB credits

Digital & RL Paper

Recently I decided to incorporate my artistic dexterity with pencil and watercolors together with my exceptional knowledge of narrative and editing to offer to my clients the ability to present their vision in a clear and compelling way using hand drawn storyboards.


W 37th street, New York, 10018

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